Mik's Disabled Bodied Sex Tips

This post was submitted by Mik Scarlet from the U.K. Mik Scarlet is one of the UK's best know Disabled Performers. A professional musician since his late teens, as well as an award winning TV presenter and journalist, writer and actor. You can read the rest of Mik's post at www.mikscarlet.co.uk/journo/jr08.html Thank you Mik for the submission!   Mik's Disabled Bodied Sex Tips If you're really into bondage, get yourself a wheelchair. They're covered in convenient fixing points, and it means you can wheel your 'captive' wherever you wish. A wheelchair is also great to (have sex) in! Just sit back, and let him go to work on you while he's kneeling between your legs. (Trust me, for some reason men go "all weird" when they see their girl sitting in my chair... and then sidle up to me to see if I have a spare they could borrow) If you've got hold of a wheelchair (the red cross rent them by the day) you might as well go for it, so go to www.alexandra.co.uk and purchase a real nurses uniform and maybe a doctor's white coat. Then play "Ultra Doctors & Nurses". The power play of needing to be cared for and telling your carer what you need can be a real turn on, so try it. Role-play that you need to be washed and dressed (but let him decide what he dresses you into). Then of course you explain you have other "medical" needs that he must help you with. You decide what they are... do I have to do everything round here? Even I found Rosanna Arquette clad in designer callipers in the film "Crash" sexy... maybe try strapping up your legs... gaffer tape is best and can be cut off afterwards. I wish I knew were they got those sexy metal legs from!!! I could go into the whole incontinence/golden showers scenario but those of us disabled types who aren't steer clear of this whole scene just in case our partner gets the wrong idea!!! Basically wake up to the fact you're going to die one day, every day might be your last and make sure you enjoy whatever you do!