Mobility Equipment to Enhance Intimacy for Disabled

The IntimateRider is a unique piece of mobility equipment designed to enhance intimacy for those that live with a disability.  Most people with a disability know where to go to find mobility equipment that will help improve many aspects of life.  They are comfortable with their local retail store or know that their mobility equipment can be found at a dependable web site. 

The IntimateRider is a type of mobility equipment that will enhance an aspect of life that happens in the bedroom and can be found at Intimacy after spinal cord injury is easily attainable with the IntimateRider.  The combination of seat height, seat depth and the geometry of the gliding action will make sex after Spinal Cord Injury better than you ever dreamed possible.

Add IntimateRider to Your Mobility Equipment 

The IntimateRider was designed by a C6-C7 quadriplegic with limited arm movement and no trunk or leg muscle control in order to provide great sex after spinal cord injury.  If you can brace your arm against your leg, your partner’s body or something next to you, the IntimateRider will move with very little pushing effort causing your pelvis to move for easy thrusting during sex after spinal cord injury. Many people who already purchase other types of  Mobility devices such as wheelchairs or walking aids will find the IntimateRider to be very accommodating and useful as well. 

These items will help an individual get around with minimal assistance. Mobility equipment includes a number of walking aids such as walkers, rollators, canes, crutches and accessories.  The IntimateRider improves mobility too only in a more intimate sort of way with their partner. Mobility equipment like the IntimateRider is easy to purchase where you already find other mobility equipment products and will make a big difference in your personal life. You can also find these products by visiting our website at