New Male Masurbation Sleeve for Quads

If  you are a quadriplegic you know that most day to day functions can be a challenge because of the loss of hand dexterity that comes with your spinal cord injury condition.  Opening a door, eating, cooking getting ready for work have all become a newly learned function. 

What about more personal matters like self pleasure? 

This is a subject that is seldom discussed and can become a frustrating practice as well. We all know that practice makes perfect but even at best that the same old thing can stand a new twist when it comes to masturbation techniques for men. 
So here are two very important issues to address if you are a male quad that would enjoys self stimulation. 

1. How can I have a more pleasurable experience even if I lack  hand control? 
2. What if there was just a better way to enjoy self stimulation? 

The answer to both of these question may be found in one simple word...Tenga. 

Tenga is a masturbation sleeve that works especially well for a man with a lower level of hand dexterity. The distinctive design of the Tenga male masturbation sleeve makes self stimulation easy because of a larger plastic shell that encases the soft inner lining that is ribbed and texture to offer a feeling unlike any other and  is contoured just for your hands. The Tenga is pre-lubricated so insertion is easy and the stoking movement is fluid.  Now be ready for an new and incredible feeling that you have not felt before on your own.

Feel Good Feeling you 

People have long thought that any toy associated with pleasuring oneself as a nasty image. Well those days have changed.  TENGA has transformed the perception of self pleasure to a near art form with the release of the TENGA CUP. These “safe-sex” products allow you to experience a level of climax never before attainable through historic manual manipulation. Now you can truly enjoy the pleasures of sex with ease and comfort.

The Tenga is disposable so you simply throw it away when you are finished.  You may use it repeatedly if you choose to use a condom.  Tenga has a variety of sleeves to choose from.  The Black label has a snug ring for a tighter fit, the Red Tenga is standard fit and the White label has a softer feel.  There is even a large size Tenga for those who are well endowed.

The Tenga is now available for quads or any one that may have low hand dexterity at