New Products Help Wheelchair Users In The Rain

Keep You and Your Home Dry

For a wheelchair user, wet weather can be a catastrophe. How do you keep yourself dry in the rain and how do you prevent tracking in mud and filth into your house or worse yet, into the house of a good friend or relative? The people who created the RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories, a European brand of wheelchair accessories, have come up with innovative answers to both problems.

The Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella Holder allows a wheelchair user to wear their umbrella in the rain leaving the wheelchair user's hands free to push the wheelchair. The Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella Holder has a velcro system which holds the umbrella securely and a loop in the back to attach to the belt on a very windy day. The Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella Holder also has handy pockets to store valuables or even a collapsible umbrella when not in use.

Read more about the Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella  Holder. RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers (also known as Wheelchair Slippers), go on over the wheelchair tires and prevent dirt and filth from transferring to the floors and carpets. With an artificial suede finish, RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers are nice to the touch. These innovative wheelchair tire covers  are also machine washable and come in three attractive colors. Check out these and other RehaDesign wheelchair accessories on the Wheelchair website. Although RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are shipped from Europe, payment is secure with Paypal and all prices include FREE worldwide shipping. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today’s guest blogger, Dr. Gene Emmer is the author of Wheelchair Pride  a blog about assistive technology for wheelchair users and Wheelchair  a website offering innovative wheelchair accessories for worldwide sale.