Our Abilities Expo Experience

We loaded up the van and made the trek from Minnesota to Schaumburg Illinois last Thursday on our way to the Chicago-land Abilities Expo.  The IntimateRider has had a presence at the Abilities Expo all around the country for the past three years. 

A New Idea to Some, An Old Friend to Others 

It is always good to see familiar faces and see all the advancements in the accessibility market. As we settle into our booth and start to set-up the large back-drop of Brian Chavez on the IntimateRider, we always notice glances from other vendors as they wonder what this is all about.  The glances turn into smiles as we get everything in place and the IntimateRider starts swinging.  Enough light bulbs go off to light-up a small town. 

Our vendor friend from across the aisle told us that the IntimateRider is the winner for the booth that gets the most smiles.  I would have to concur with this observation of many smiles. The attendees have a variety of  reaction to the IntimateRider booth but we have never had a negative reaction.  Some of the attendees know all about the IntimateRider and have read about it somewhere or have been to the web site.  Some already own an IntimateRider and the smile on their faces says it all. 

A Warm Reception 

Here are some of the comments we heard. "Wow! this is a great idea." "Why has it taken so long for someone to think of this" "This is really needed...this is going to help so many people" "I can see this working for us....I have to tell my wife."

The IntimateRider is just one of the many accessibility product on display at the Abilities Expo.  We happen to be next to the Free Wheel booth that specialize in a wheelchair wheel attachment that helps navigate a wheelchair over difficult terrain.  The Expo has so many daily living aids, personal care products and assistive technologies to look at and try. I think that most the attendees like to network with each other as well as the vendors and seminars that are available.  This is a good place to go to find out what is working for other people that live with similar disabilities.

The IntimateRider certainly creates a buzz with the attendees.  So many of the attendees show up at the IntimateRider booth and say "So this is the sex chair that everyone is talking about. I need to see this for myself."   I think most people are happy that the IntimateRider is here to help out in a very important aspect of life that has been not been given much attention for a long time.  We also had a drawing to win a free IntimateRider Romance Set at the show.  Stay tune as we will announce the lucky winner this week. It is safe to say that our Abilities Expo experience has been a very positive one this year and we are always happy to talk to so many people about the joy of the Intiamterider. 

We will be at the Atlanta Abilities Expo this October 15-17th and are excited to share the IntimateRider story with many more people.