Women in Wheelchairs on the Go - Push Girls

Life is made up of moments that can change your life forever and you need to decide how those moments will affect your life.  Meet the Push Girls, 4 ladies in wheelchairs all had that moment in their life when they needed to decide how it will affect them. Push Girls Angela Rockwood, Auti Angel and Tiphany Adams were all in car accidents and Push Girls, Mia Schaikewitz, was paralyzed at the age of 15 by an arteriovenous malformation that burst in her spinal cord. Push Girls offer a glimpse in the life of women who are in wheelchairs and the everyday issues they deal with which are similar to any other women’s from relationships, to careers.   They just happen to have to deal with them by being in a wheelchair so may have a few more obstacles. Everyone has challenges in their life, when you watch Push Girls you will be inspired and if they can face their challenges head on so can you.  Push Girls can be seen on the Sundance Channel.  Please go to Push Girls for the schedule. For more information regarding relationships and disabilities please visit: www.intimaterider.com.