SCI Support Groups

There are many benefits to joining a SCI Support Group

To find a SCI Support Group near you start with one of the links below.

You receive support Support groups are made up of people with common experiences, people who have been through or are going through a similar circumstance and can do more than sympathize with you - they can relate to what you are going through and keep you from feeling like you are alone.  Members want to help each other out, through the good times and the bad. Of course they are also a place to express anger and frustration, but they also are an environment to share the joys in life as well.

Valuable information is shared among Support Group members Support groups can be a great place to find practical tips and resources.  Information about medical treatments, tips for daily living, favorite doctors, rehabs, or products, support groups are a wealth of firsthand information. Support Groups help family and loved ones The person who is injured is not the only one who "rides the rollercoaster" if a new injury. Spouses, parents, and children need support, too.

What makes a good Support Group:

  • Up-to-date reliable information
  • Prompt response to you
  • Regular meetings or newsletters
  • Access to appropriate professional advisors
  • Strong leadership
  • A clearly stated "confidentiality" policy

Factors to consider when choosing a Support group:

  • Are you seeking specific information about medical treatment options?
  • How far can you travel?
  • Is there a group for a family member?
  • Are you looking for a group where you can openly discuss feelings?
No matter what your reason is for choosing a SCI Support Group, make sure and do your research on the local group you are interested in and if the group doesn't feel right to you or doesn't match your needs, try a different group.