Sexual Mobility Products Sold Around the World

Sex aid products have gotten a bad name.

A lot of that has to do with what people believe that a sex aid like the Liberator wedge, the Liberator adventure set or the IntimateRider are used for. Unlike sex toys, top designed sex aids are built to deepen relationships between adults who need support to engage in healthy sex. Quality sex aids are also stocked and sold by reputable resellers.  

Sex aid products that don't cause shame

Adults who use a sex aid like the Liberator wedge may have  experienced a new injury that has caused them to lose the partial or full usage of their muscles or limbs. Examples of this are people who have had recent military injuries, first responder injuries, falls or other joint or musculoskeletal or spinal injuries. People in rehabilitation may also benefit from the sex aid.   The liberator wedge may make the difference in someone who has experienced a recent injury completely withdrawing from intimate relationships or continuing to nurture a healthy relationship with a partner. If a person withdrawals from relationships, she could start to feel isolated, alone and as if it is her against the world.   Coupled with the injury this approach could open the door to depression. So, how does the Liberator wedge work? The more mobile partner rests on the sex aid. One end of the sex aid is taller than the other. It is due to the taller end that adults in wheelchairs are able to enjoy healthy sex with a partner, whether that partner is also injured or in rehabilitation.  

Resellers put quality sex aid in the hands of healthy adults

With the Liberator wedge couples can achieve better positioning. Adults who are in a paraplegic state and adults in wheelchairs may greatly benefit from adding the Liberator wedge for their sexual experiences. As with any healthy sexual experience, imagination is key. Couples may even be able to use the sex aid while they undergo rehabilitation.   As with any medical condition, it's important to check with your physician before adding or removing an activity or object from your daily pattern. What you don't have to check with your physician about is where to find reputable sex aid resellers.  

IntimateRider provides a listing of resellers who carry their sex aids. Other ways to find reputable sex aid resellers is to look for recommendations from organizations that provide rehabilitation services for people dealing with spinal or other injuries. This includes adults who have recently experienced an auto accident.   The best resellers send sex aids in discreet packaging. Your neighbors and young children don't need to know that you are receiving sexual support. Reputable sex aid resellers also won't trouble you by emailing or snail mailing you ongoing advertisements.  

Of course, you could always visit a reseller in person and get great products. Keep up with resellers to stay aware of new product designs. As with any sexual product, make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable using the sex aid of your choice.