Shifting Negative Sexual Stereotypes Based on Body Image

Healthy Self Esteem 

Negative body and self image issues stem from a variety of childhood and adult experiences. The same applies for negative sexual stereotypes that are based on body image. One or both parents teasing a child or referring to a child as fat, skinny or a twig could cause the same child to grow up and feel ashamed of his body.  

Why adults feel ashamed of their bodies and shun sexual contact

It's this type of parental criticism and mockery that can cause a child to want to hide his body, to actually turn away from sexual contact with another person. However, people aren't only ashamed of their bodies because of body size or names that they were called when they were a child.   People may also feel ashamed of their bodies because of a physical deformity or a specific way that their body looks and operates differently than most other people's bodies. The affects can be far reaching.  

According to Eating Disorder Hope, body image has to do with the way that people view themselves. It has to do with perception. If people have a distorted body image, they might have a negative view of their physique. Let those same people see their body as their total being and it's easy to see how a negative body image hurts.

Getting past negative sexual stereotypes

Media, colleagues and culture also influence body image, including helping to create negative sexual stereotypes that are based on body image.

Signs that you or someone else might have a negative body image include:  
  • Obsessing about your body size, shape or weight
  • Constantly comparing your body to other people's bodies
  • Striving to make your body look like a celebrity's body or like the body of another person you admire
  • Avoiding sexual contact so no one else will see your body
Shifting negative sexual stereotypes may take work. It might require that you look back over your childhood and unearth where you first developed negative self images that you now feel burdened by.

Other ways that you could shift negative sexual stereotypes based on body image include:  
  • Working with a quality, licensed therapist who is experience helping people who are dealing with negative self-images
  • Studying the human body and learning about how the body changes during hormonal cycles or as people age
  • Partnering with a specialist who has firsthand experience aiding people whose bodies are physically different
  • Seeking friendships and intimate relationships with people who truly care about you
  • Avoiding relationships that involve abuse, be the abuse verbal, physical, emotional, sexual or psychological
Products that enhance sexual mobility can also help to shift negative stereotypes based on body image. Sexual mobility products can make it possible for people with spinal injuries to have sexual experiences for the first time ever or for the first time following an accident or injury. Types of these products include the Intimate Rider and the Rider Mate.