The IntimateRider for the Quadriplegic Man

Intimacy For the Interabled Couple

What can the IntimateRider do for someone who is a quadriplegic?  That may be a question for any couple that is considering using the IntimateRider in their personal love life.  Here is a brief check list of what is in it for you:

Natural Free Movement 

Put the motion back in the ocean and let the IntimateRider do the work

Variety of Positions 

Remember some of those positions from before?  They are all possible again with the IntimateRider

Free Hand Movment 

Your hands are free to move about your partners body

Intriguing Angles 

The support of the IntiamteRider, RiderMate and Liberator Wedges will make you and your partner say "yeah...we can do that"

The View 

You will see things from a new prospective in the IntimateRider.

Comfort and Ease of Use 

Pretty sure you will have a "why didn't we think of this sooner" moment. Go to the IntiamteRider Testimonial Page to see what other couples are saying about the IntimateRider.