The IntimateRider for the Quadriplegic Man

What can the IntimateRider do for someone who is a quadriplegic?  That may be a question for any couple that is considering using the IntimateRider in their personal love life.  Here is a brief check list of what is in it for you: Natural Free Movement - Put the motion back in the ocean and let the IntimateRider do the work Variety of Positions - Remember some of those positions from before?  They are all possible again with the IntimateRider Free Hand Movment - Your hands are free to move about your partners body Intriguing Angles - The support of the IntiamteRider, RiderMate and Liberator Wedges will make you and your partner say "yeah...we can do that" The View - You will see things from a new prospective in the IntimateRider. Comfort and Ease of Use -  Pretty sure you will have a "why didn't we think of this sooner" moment. Go to the IntiamteRider Testimonial Page to see what other couples are saying about the IntimateRider.