What you need to know about...Spinal Cord Injury & Intamacy

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Often times those with spinal cord injuries focus on things they can do when it comes to their sexual experiences. They find simple pleasures by finding their partners erogenous zone, to please each other by holding hands, hugging and kissing. Many couples still enjoy sexual intercourse. Yet, this act can be a challenge, especially in certain positions. Most couples will tell you that they are always interested in ways to add more fun and variety to their love life. Many items are available to enhance sexual performance but few deal with the issues of boosting sexual motion. One such product that does address enhanced sexual movement is the IntimateRider from HealthPostures.The IntimateRider can be put into motion with simple upper-body movement. The low center of gravity along with the comfort and support of the seat and frame will put couples in many new desired sexual positions.

Each individual has their own way of finding what works best for them in their personal relationship. Advancements with products like the IntmateRider can enhance an already gratifying love life and will give couples a way to enjoy the best sex possible.  

Transferring into the IntimateRider

If you can transfer in and out of a car, you should be able to transfer on and off to the IntimateRider. It helps to position the unit close to the bed or something you can use for support if you need to. The seat is short so you will want to take it slow. It also helps to place your hand in the center of the seat while transferring for added stability. There are many quadriplegics who can transfer onto the IntimateRider by themselves and can use it with ease.

IntimateRider Sex Ability

  • Discover many new comfortable positions that were not attainable before
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Natural motion and support provide hip movement desired for sexual function
  • Use of optional RiderMate and Rider Cushions provide added comfort and support
  • Find more gratifying freedom and pleasure