Wheelchair Sex

Ride of Your Life 

Have you ever even given wheelchair sex a second thought? I would have to believe that most people have thought very little about wheelchair sex but to a person who spends their life in a wheelchair, wheelchair sex is very important.

Is wheelchair sex even possible?

Of course it is. Wheelchair sex is nothing more than sex in a wheelchair. A wheelchair can provide a stable platform for many sexual positions no matter if it is the man or the woman who is in the wheelchair. Having sex in a wheelchair can provide couples more of a variety of sexual positions than can be accomplished on a bed alone.

Another way besides wheelchair sex for people who are wheelchair bound to experience many new and exciting sexual positions is the IntimateRider Sex Chair.  The IntimateRider is a small swing chair especially designed to offer a natural gliding motion that will improve sexual mobility for wheelchair users. No motors or springs, just the movement of your upper torso is enough momentum needed to enhance sexual performance.

Give wheelchair sex a try, you won’t be sorry you did. My advice to anyone having wheelchair sex would be; Don’t forget to apply the brakes!