Who uses the IntimateRider?

You may ask yourself, who is it that uses the IntimateRider to have sex? The short answer is everyone but the more detailed answer is the couple that needs a little boost to improve sexual function due to a physical condition.

How Does it Help?

A majority of people who enjoy what the IntimateRider brings into their bedroom are guys with a spinal cord injury, both paras and quads. These guys now have a way to put more motion in the ocean so to speak which has also been a popular decision for their able-bodied partners.

Finding new positions that does not always require the girl to be on top has been well sought after for many years but not addressed until now. Many times we get calls or emails from the able-bodied female partner that are looking for a way to have a better sex life without making their partner feel uncomfortable. We always refer them to the partners page that offers tips on how to talk with your partner about your sexual concerns. Once the IntimateRider is discussed, both partners discover that is well worth the investment.

Men and women with a wide range of physical challenges have found success with the IntimateRider and they then tell their friends and so on and so on...