How the Intimate Rider Improves Spinal Cord Injury Sex

Sexuality does not end when a person experiences the effects of a spinal cord injury. Issues of meeting potential partners, building self confidence and enhancing sexual function are an essential part of adjusting to life after an injury. Many physical and emotional changes take place during the rehabilitation process and the matter of being able to perform sexually usually becomes an issue of importance. Intimate Rider is here to help.

Sex and Paraplegics, Quadriplegics

The truth is that as time passes, spinal cord injury sexuality gets more broadly defined, and many with SCI will move on to find greater emotional closeness with their partner. Often, those with spinal cord injuries focus on simple pleasures to please one another, by caressing their partner’s erogenous zone, holding hands, hugging and kissing.

Spinal Cord Injury Sexuality with Intimate Rider

Many couples still enjoy sexual intercourse. Yet, this act can be a challenge, especially in certain positions. Most couples will tell you that they are always interested in finding ways to add more fun and variety to their love life.  The Intimate Rider has given many men living with paralysis a new way to be sexually active with their partners.

Intimate Rider Encourages Spinal Cord Injury Sex

The Intimate Rider can make sexual activity easy and comfortable again. It offers a method of support that neutralizes the effects of poor balance, strength and coordination, while assisting with a natural gliding motion to enhance sexual relations. Intimate Rider also offers a number of options for quadriplegic and paraplegic sex positions that work in spite of the loss of lower body muscle control. Couples now can focus on being gentle, caring and romantic again as they move forward in their relationship. Couples living with paralysis have a strong need to find something to accommodate sexual positioning and also provide natural movement that may otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Quadriplegic Sex Positions Improve

“Life after my injury has been a challenge,” Matthew, a C6-7 quadriplegic says, “but I am fortunate enough to have found a wonderful relationship with an understanding and caring woman who is also my best friend. We are open in our communication about sex, and when we heard about the Intimate Rider it did not take us long to figure out this is something that would change our sex life for the better. We are able to please each other now in ways that were just not physically possible before.”

Sex and SCI with Intimate Rider

The Intimate Rider was actually designed out of this desire to find a better way to be sexually active and to be able to enjoy quadriplegic and paraplegic sex positions that just weren’t physically possible before.  The designer is himself a C6-7 quad who owns the patent rights to other types of medical equipment.  After looking around the market for a product that addresses the issue of sexual movement, he realized that there simply was nothing available to help in this area.  So, he put pencil to paper and laid down the design of the Intimate Rider.  Now couples all around the world are enjoying a better and more active sex life than ever before because of his idea.

Spinal Cord Injury Sex and Women

It is not always just the paralyzed man that is looking for improved sexual performance.  Many able-bodied women who are in a relationship with a man with SCI are interested in new ways to be sexually active with their partner as well.  Liza has been married to Matthew for 10 years. “The new moves and the variety of positions from the IntimateRider have really made a difference in our sex life,” Liza says. Many times it is the women’s decision to purchase products like the IntimateRider.

Spinal Cord Injury Sexuality Thrives

So rejoice! The sex lives of the physically challenged are alive and well and, in fact, have just gotten better. Each individual has their own way of finding what works best for them in their personal relationship. Advancements with products like the Intimate Rider enhance an already gratifying love life, and give couples a way to enjoy the best sex possible. Please visit Intimate Rider for more information.