Wheelchair Users Do It Better

Getting the best parking spot is not the only thing that wheelchair users do best.  Wheelchair users do it better in bedroom now too with products like the IntimateRider.  Whenever we see a wheelchair user and their partner, we may wonder how these wheelchair users have sex.  For many years the sex secrets of the everyday wheelchair users were not known by many people especially other wheelchair users. 

Times have changed and now many wheelchair users have the opportunity learn and discuss better sex techniques with other wheelchair users from on-line forums, chat rooms and blogging sites.  Sexual education for wheelchair users is a more common aspect of the rehab process and many times a new wheelchair user and their partner are able to experiment with the IntimateRider in the positioning room of their rehab center before they complete the rehab program.   

Wheelchair users also enjoy heightened pleasure from sensual, as opposed to erotic, forms of play. During sex, wheelchair users indulge all of their senses, including touch, smell, taste, and sight.

As with any permanent disability, the body tries to compensate in other ways so this means that wheelchair users to do it better in a more sensual way and the IntimateRider gives wheelchair users an physical sexual advantage.

The word is out about the IntimateRider among wheelchair users.  Ladies should know that wheelchair users do it better because of the multiple positions and angles that the IntimateRider offers during sex.  Wheelchair users please know that the IntimateRider will give you a way to have sex where you can increase stamina and introduce moves that are unmatched.



4 Responses to “Wheelchair Users Do It Better”
  1. Lovemywheels says:

    My boo is in a wheel chair nd the,things we do nd all of the diff postion I love it the sex is great just cuz u cant use ur legs dont mean nothing cuz I had good sex b4 but wit him sex so good the word STOP never cums to mine people look at him like wat can,he really do for her will iam here to say he dose alot he can do everything a man can do nd more

  2. Trey says:

    I have a girlfriend we have attempted to have sex a few times but every time she tries to get on top and penetrate my erection troubles and I can’t get another erection for a while so we try at a later time is there any tips for this? We are both 18 and sex is a very big deal at this point in our life and relationship. Will she love me if I can’t satisfy that need? Please reply

    • Dave says:

      Hi Trey, Thanks for contacting us. Have you tried speaking with your doctor or other health care professional? They may be able to prescribe something to help your situation or at least have some good sound advice for you. You are right, sex is very important to someone of your age or any other age for that matter. I hope you can get some answers soon.

    • Kenny Jr says:

      I am T-7 Para. since 1996. What you need to do is ask your Dr for Lavitra its expensive 133$ for 20mg pills but you can cut them in half with a pill spliter from the pharmacy. Take the pill on an empty stomach and you should urinate as much as possible before trying avoid drinking about an hour or so before. If you know your gonna get lucky dont eat heavy fatty foods and drink as little fluide as possible.

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