IntimateRider and RiderMate Fold for Easy Storage

Sex Is Possible

Despite what television shows and movies depict, it is possible for people who are paralyzed to have sex. Depending on the type and extension of the spinal cord injury, a paraplegic or quadriplegic may need a sexual positioning sex aid to enjoy sexual intimacy. Types of sex aids that work with and without wheelchair accessories include a positioning support strap, seat cushion, RiderMate, IntimateRider and the Liberator Adventure Set.

Build up to heightened sexual satisfaction

Add scented candles, oral stimulation, mood music and lots of imagination to a sexual experience and IntimateRider or RiderMate could offer plenty of sexual satisfaction. The products don't take up a lot of floor space. The IntimateRider takes up less space than a standard wheelchair. The RiderMate is smaller than a standard sleeping cot. Best of all, the sex aids are fodable. They easily store away in a closet. People who travel frequently can transfer the aids discretely in and out of their home and in and out of airports. Because the sex aids are lightweight, folding and unfolding them won't cause muscle strain.

The RiderMate can store beneath a bed while not in use. But the RideMate is a great assets while one of the partners sits in the IntimateRider chair while the other partner lies on the RiderMate. It's this type of flexibility and storability that make these sex aids a real win or couples dealing with paralysis. Common and uncommon difficulties paralyzed couples face People who are paralyzed face the same relationship challenges as other adults. They experience communications missteps, financial disagreements and get bored with routine the same as other couples.

Unlike other couples, a man or woman who is paralyzed is faced with sensation changes. After paralysis, some adults experienced heightened sensation in one or more areas. For example, a person might experience more sensation near her ears or eyelids. Quadriplegics may have more sensation from the chest up. Pregnancy and orgasm is also still possible for many paralyzed adults. But, sexual positioning is different. This is where a sex aid like the IntimateRider or RiderMate help most, making is possible for couples to relax while they enjoy sexual intimacy. Added support with the sex aid can be a confidence booster. The less a couple has to think about before and during sex, the more enjoyable the entire sexual experience may turn out to be.

Heavy sex aids are a turn off

As it relates to sexual intimacy and being a paraplegic or quadriplegic, manipulating another heavy piece of equipment is something else that couples can do without. Managing wheelchair accessories like lock extensions, anti-tippers and rim grips is enough, especially when storing wheelchairs.

The last thing that paraplegic or quadriplegic needs is to have to locate a large enough space to keep a heavy sex aid. Fortunately, the IntimateRider and RiderMate sexual positioning products don't require lots of space. That's not all. The equipment folds, making it easy to store in a closet or beneath a bed. The entire IntimateRider Romance Set folds down for easy storage in a car trunk too. Discretion with the sexual positioning products is achieved by storing and carrying the products in the sturdy IntimateRider or RiderMate travel bag.