IntimateRider® Chair Offers Increased Sexual Mobility for Paraplegics

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IntimateRider understands what people without a spinal cord injury don't. Difficulty standing or complete inability to walk are just two common challenges that people dependent on wheelchair accessories face. Intimacy with a partner while using a sex aid, enjoying regular, healthy paraplegic sex and finding dependable mobility products are other challenges, that includes moving from a wheelchair to a sex enhancer.

About 13% of Americans have a disability that restricts their mobility, according to Men's Health. It's no wonder that the disability sex aid industry is growing. Fortunately, it's possible to enhance paraplegic sex using the same types of sex toys that people without spinal cord injuries use. Vibrators, sex aid support straps and suction products can all help make paraplegic sex not only possible but fun and satisfying. That alone can build confidence, especially for singles with a spinal cord injury.

How can IntimateRider products help?

But, what about wheelchair accessories and sex aids that aren't small enough to discreetly fit inside a handbag or pants pocket?

To allow for optimal performance, these larger sex aids should offer quality mobility. Examples of these mobility products are standing wheelchairs, supportive cushions like the IntimateRider seat cushion, grab bars and lifting products.

What about IntimateRider mobility products?

The IntimateRider seat cushion is an actual soft foam core chair that supports the lower back and buttocks. The micro-fibers offer added comfort while couples enjoy paraplegic sex. Couples looking for even more support can bring the IntimateRider positioning strap, the RiderMate or the Liberator Adventure Set into their bedroom. Yet, these products may only end up being another challenge if they don't allow the partner with a spinal cord injury to be easily transferred from a wheelchair to the sex aid.

Functionality of the IntimateRider Adventure Set

This is the area where IntimateRider wheelchair accessories and sexual mobility products excel. The IntimateRider Liberator Adventure Set is a multi-product that includes the comfortable seat cushion and two padded wedges. Size and build of the seat cushion makes it easy to transfer a quadriplegic or paraplegic from a wheelchair to the seat cushion.

How does it work?

That's up to couples looking to connect through healthy paraplegic sex. As with other sexual relationships, creativity opens a world of sensual positions when couples use the IntimateRider seat cushion and adventure set wedge. The partner without a spinal cord injury could lean over the wedge while the other partner stayed in the seat cushion. The non-injured partner could also lay on her side. Add the IntimateRider positioning support strap and couples can enjoy more grip and control.

The IntimateRider's pulsating motions pleasure quadriplegics with more feeling, not to mention the heightened feeling and  pleasure that the motions bring to a quadriplegic's lover. Moving a quadriplegic or paraplegic from a wheelchair to the adventure set can be done in a few minutes. As with any new wheelchair accessories or mobility products, the longer couples use the sex aids, the easier it may become to transfer a quad or paraplegic to the sex aid. An added benefit is the chance for couples to develop a regular sex life that not only strengthens their sexual connection but their emotional and psychological intimacy as well.